{Canton Junction} Trivia Contest - October

Trivia Questions

Canton Junction is a quartet made of four great Gospel singers who come together to make one incredible sound.  The name Canton Junction was chosen for the group because it means “where good things collide.”  Those four singers in this incredible group are Aaron Crabb, Tim Duncan, Matthew Hagee and Michael Sykes.  See how well you know these familiar faces that make up Canton Junction.

  1. Which member of Canton Junction comes from a famous singing family, has three brothers and two sisters and one of those brothers is his twin?
    Hint:  He’s the lead singer of Canton Junction
    Answer:  Aaron Crabb

  2. Which member of Canton Junction sang with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound?
    Hint:  This man has won Bass Singer of the Year at The Singing News Fan Awards
    Answer:  Tim Duncan

  3. This member of Canton Junction is not only a great singer, but an award winning producer. He has produced such giants in this industry as the Gaither Vocal Band, Russ Taff, The Martins and Jeff and Sherry Easter.  Who is he?
    Hint:  This Canton Junction member also sang with the group “Ponder, Sykes & Wright”
    Answer: Michael Sykes

  4. The tenor singer for Canton Junction grew up in San Antonio, Texas as a Pastor’s son.  Who is he?
    Hint:  His father pastors the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas.
    Answer:  Matthew Hagee

  5. This Canton Junction member is married to a beautiful former beauty queen.   He and his wife have sung together as a duo and were even nominated by Singing News Fans as “Duo of the Year.”  Who is he?
    Hint:  His wife’s name is Amanda
    Answer:  Aaron Crabb

  6. One of the members of Canton Junction earned a Business Degree from Oral Roberts University.  He’s also written several books; among them are “Shaken, Not Shattered” and Response-Able.” Who is he?
    Hint: He is the Executive Pastor at Cornerstone Church.
    Answer:  Matthew Hagee

  7. London Parris, a legendary singer with the famous Blackwood Brothers, gave voice lessons to one of the members of Canton Junction.  Which one?
    Hint:  London Parris was the bass singer for the Blackwood Brothers.
    Answer:  Tim Duncan

  8. Michael Sykes, an award winning producer as well as Canton Junction member, produced a Dove Awards winning project for a famous country group that returned to its Gospel roots.  The name of the project was “From The Heart.”  What was the name of the group that Michael Sykes produced?
    Hint:  John Hagee and this group had a single, ‘Just A Closer Walk With Thee,” with this group.
    Answer:  The Oak Ridge Boys

  9. During the time this Canton Junction member sang with his family group, he sang and produced nineteen #1 Gospel Songs.  Who is he?
    Hint: The family group was the Crabb Family
     Answer:  Aaron Crabb

  10. The famous songwriter of the new Canton Junction single, “Hold On” is the father of one of the group members.  Who wrote “Hold On” by Canton Junction?
    Hint:  He’s the father of Aaron Crabb
    Answer:  Gerald Crabb

Have Fun!